Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I say this every year at this time: I don't need no stinking costume, because I AM HALLOWEEN THE CAT!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rocky the Gutter Cat Sent Me a Card!

Here it is - Rocky the Gutter Cat and me, together at last! I love him. I'm never moving from this spot, ever again.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beezer Has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

My dear friend Beezer has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He died Friday night, at home, with his beloved mombean. Beezer has been a great friend to me and to my People. He sent his Mombean over to help my TechDunce Food Lady figure out how to make my blog work. He waved at me from across town. He told me to beware of the vicious, loud garbage trucks that roam San Francisco. But most important of all, he loved his mombean and she loved him. She is very sad and feels that this just hasn't hit her yet. Please visit Beezer's blog and send as much love and as many purrs as you can to Beezer on his journey to the Bridge and to his mom as she misses her ginger guy. We love you, Beezer and mombean!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Report About the Flat Cat Party

Here's a picture of me with some of our flat friends at the party for Jeter's mom after she walked 60 miles to save the boobies. I was very happy to meet them! All of the cat people were very nice. I even let a couple of people pet me before I went downstairs.

This is me sitting on my Food Lady the day after the party. She needed a big nap so I kept her company. She told me that she licked Mr. Tasty Face to see if Skeezix was telling the truth about him! Luckily Mr. Tasty Face was indeed tasty and also a good sport because he laughed when she did it. Luckily my Food Dude also has a sense of humor because he laughed too. Just in case you're wondering, the Food Lady has never licked me.

We had a big storm the other day. It made my cat grass sort of crazy looking. I thought you might like to see it.
Please be sure to stop by Beezer's blog. He has made his last post as he is very, very sick. His mombean is extremely sad. They need all the purrs they can get.

Monday, October 12, 2009


My dear friend Beezer is very, very sick! His mom just called the Food Lady and said that the vet said he might have kitty cancer or something just as bad. Beezer has been at the kitty hospital all day and is now home with his mom, resting in her arms and purring. Please send Beezer and his mom as many purrs as you can. He might have to go the Bridge soon.

Beezer's mom was here for the celebration for Roberta's Long Walk. She has been a big help to me with my blog. She's very sad and worried about Beezer but does not want him to suffer.

So please send them both lots of love and purrs.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What a Night!

It was quite an evening with all the people, flat cats, and chicken. I sat on my snoopervising spot for a while but then I ran and hid. You will have to find out from other beans and cats about the events of the evening because I was too freaked out to stick around.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

I am so excited! Tomorrow Jeter's mom finishes her 60 mile walk raising money with other boobie ladies to stop breast cancer. What an accomplishment! I have invited her to my house so I can concatulate Roberta and give her lots of puurrrrrrrrrrsssssssss. She will be the guest of honor at my dinner! And she's bringing Flat Jeter to meet me, and my beans, and a bunch of other flat cats and not flat beans.

Here's the list. But since Roberta is the Queen of this event, the flat cats and not flat beans will have to be our subjects for the evening.

Skeezix is coming (well, Flat Skeez is coming) and he's bringing the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face! Maybe they will bring me a lock of hair from Rocky's coat!

Flat Kimo and Flat Sabi are coming! And they are bringing their beans and the Famous Blurpy Girl!

Beezer's mom is coming! Beezer has to stay home and snoopervise their place though. We'll miss Beezer.

Guido the Italian Cat is coming Well, it might be Flat Guido too. But his mom bean will be her for sure.

And there are other important beans and flats, even someone from Across the Pond! The beans say it is a very big pond. I think there are some of the most important people in the known universe who will be here to celebrate Roberta's amazing accomplishment.

But I know why they are really coming. To Adore Queen Halloween. That's as it should be. I've got the welcome mat out and I'll be snoopervising all the arrivals. We'll report back about the festivities after they are over.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Waiting at the Front Gate For the Booby Ladies

I am waiting at my front gate to see if the booby saving ladies - and Jeter's mom - walk by my house. They are walking 60 miles all over San Francisco and Marin County to raise money for breast cancer research. I'd be very excited if they walked by. If they do, I will give them a loud dose of TortieTude to help them on their way. Yay Roberta! Yay Flat Jeter! Yay Booby Saving Ladies! Yay Chicken on Sunday with the booby saving ladies! I'm also waiting for that.