Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missing Halloween

We see that there are still visitors to Halloween's blog. We still miss her very much. We were very comforted by the messages of love and caring from across the world that were sent to us. Several donations were made to cat rescue organizations in Halloween's name by CB members and also by the vet's office where she received care for so many years. These acts of kindness in her name were so touching. All kitties should be so lucky as to end up in a CB home.
Halloween visits me - her Food Lady - in my dreams still. Even while she was alive, during troubled times, she was with me in my dreams, protecting me and caring for me. Of course, she did the same in person. She was a one of a kind kitty.
A few weeks after we lost Halloween, we adopted a 4 year old mancat from Maddie's Adoption Center at the San Francisco SPCA. His name is Jackpot. We hope you will visit his blog too and read about his adventures on the side of Bernal Hill (but indoors!) in San Francisco.