Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bandit Visitors & Cat Furniture

Here are some visitors I just had on the back deck tonight! They tried to come in the cat door. I think they were trying to steal my stinky goodness! The People shut the door but the bandits stuck around to have their pictures taken. They are not very smart bandits, are they?

Here I am, sitting on the best piece of cat furniture in the house. The People went away for a long time and they left me with some person who was supposed to take care of me. I am still mad! They will pay for going away for a long time.

The person who stayed here did not understand cat adoration. He did not know how to play with the cat toys correctly. He did not know how to heat up my stinky goodness to just the right temperature. He did not understand cat talk. Arrgh.

Since the People came home, I have been sitting on this piece of cat furniture every chance I get. If the Food Dude sits anywhere else, I complain long and loudly until he is in the cat furniture position. What else could he possibly be doing that is more important?

As for the Food Lady, when she sits at the computer too long, I get up on my back legs and put my front paws on her, and jump up on her lap. First I see if she is working on the blog for me, or checking the other cat blogs. Obviously, she has not been keeping up with these tasks. So I sit on her and make her pay attention to me. She says I am very "clingy". Ha. The Food Lady hasn't seen clingy yet!

So, I'm re-training the People. What have all of you been doing? Concatulations to Mr. Hendrix and his People for their new arrival!