Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Food Lady Was Very Bad

The Food Lady was very, very bad. She went away again, for four whole days. I was very upset. I yowled at the Food Dude. I woke him up by doing somersaults on him in the middle of the night because she wasn't in bed too. I refused the pill I have to take every day. And I complained constantly.

When the Food Lady came back, she told me she visited an old friend who had two brand new kitties. They came from the pound. Her friend saved them. One of the little kitties is named Blaze. He looks like Skeezix but he has a blaze on his forehead. Blaze was very sick and needed to go to the hospital. I was mad that the Food Lady went away and visited more kitties! But when I heard that Blaze was sick and needed some extra People purrs, I decided it was ok. But only for a few hours! Blaze went to the V E T and is doing fine now.

Anyway, I was so mad at the Food Lady that I made her fall asleep on the couch so I could sit on her so she couldn't leave again. See? It worked. She stayed on the couch for a long time and made me nice and toasty!

Mr. Hendrix tagged me for a meme. It is the 4 things about me meme. By the way, Mr. Hendrix is a bit sicky right now, so please stop by his blog and send him some love and healing purrs. You can find him at http://mrhendrixthekitty.blogspot.com/. (PS - Would some kind kitty or person please email my tech dunce Food Lady and tell her how to do the thingie where she puts your blog name in the linkie instead of the actual linkie. I have concluded she is the biggest tech dunce in the entire cat universe. You can write her at my email address: HalloweenTheCat@gmail.com

4 Jobs I've Had

Vermin catcher - I am an expert.
Professional Complainer - This has something to do with being a tortie.
Comfort Cat - This is my favorite job.
Neighborhood Snoopervisor - I like to keep track of all the people and animals on the block as they walk by.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

Whatever the People are watching.

4 Places I've Lived

In the back yard after I was first born.
Right here in Bernal Heights.
That's it.

4 TV Shows I Love

San Francisco Giants baseball. I get to sit on the Food Dude while he yells at the tv.
Law and Order - That's when I sit on the Food Lady.
Perry Mason re-runs. Then I get to go back and forth between both my People.
Animal Cops. I love the Animal Cops because they save kitties who are in distress.

4 Places I've Vacationed

I don't go on vacation. I have to protect my home and my People!

4 of My Favorite Foods

Tuna & tuna juice
And basically whatever the Food Dude is eating

4 Sites I Visit Daily

My blog

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

Snuggling with Rocky the Gutter Cat
Sitting on the Food Dude
Eating a big bowl of chicken
Chasing my feather toy which the Food Lady broke this week

I tag any other kitty who has not done this meme yet!

You might also want to visit Grr, Midnight&Cocoa because they had an earthquake today!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My People Are Under Control

Well, it took a week, but I finally have my people under control. Here is the Food Dude, sleeping under me after I made him behave. It has been like this since they got back. Re-training People is hard. I am bushed!

Thanks for all the suggestions from my friends about asserting cat authority. You were a big help.

Paws, Halloween

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My People Are Home

My People came home last night. They were gone for two weeks. They visited the Great Lakes. And they came home with this picture of another cat! His name is Hobbs. They say he is my cousin cat who lives in Milwaukee. What an insult! They stay away for two weeks and visit another cat. Hobbs apparently smelled my catnip on the Food Lady's shoes and rolled against them. I will give the shoes a special treatment when no one is looking!
I am an angry cat. I got very mad at the People when they got home last night. I yelled at them all night long and wouldn't let them go to sleep until they provided sufficient cat adoration. Now I am just sitting outside the back door and won't come inside in order to punish the People. Plus, just now I looked in my stinky goodness bowl and the contents are unacceptable. Things have fallen to a new low around here. I have my work cut out for me. Gotta go - time to yowl. And maybe scratch too!