Monday, May 18, 2009

My Baby Picture

Well, the tech dunce Food Lady found this picture of me when I first came to live with her, the Food Dude and Ryan who found me. Can you tell which kitten is me? This is way back in 1992! The Food Lady can't figure out how to biggify the picture so you can see me in all of my adorable kitty glory. I'm in there. So is my sister August, who lives two doors away. My feral mama kitty is in there, and so is my brother Psycho. One littermate is missing - Harley. He must have been around somewhere else in the yard. We are sitting on the back deck. We used to have contests to see which one of us could climb up the highest on the screen door. August usually won. I was the smallest kitten and that is why I came to live here. Mama kitty was very sick when she brought us to live in the back yard.

Here is a picture of Ryan Who Found Me. He was just 5 years old when he woke up one morning, looked outside and yelled, "Look at all the kitties!!" He is older now. He is sitting with his friend Savina. Savina loves cats too. Savina is visiting all the way from Bulgaria. She came to San Francisco just to visit me, but she seems to spend most of her time with Ryan. I don't know why!

My mama kitty picked a good place for me to live.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cat Alert!!!

Here is my new catnip plant. My people put it in the front yard and protected it so it would get really big and healthy before they gave it to me. Isn't it great? But what is not so great is that since it went up on the back deck, there has been a general cat alert in the neighborhood and all the other cats are coming over to sample it! I have to protect my catnip from interlopers. Have any of you been over to try some of my nip?

Here I am catching one of the neighbor cats who tried to munch on my nip! As you can see, I am staring him down and making sure he knows this is MY nip. Even though I will be 18 years old this summer, I am still very fast with the paw of death.

This was the first visitor to my nip plant. He is the cat I am staring down. I thought it was Rocky the Gutter cat teleporting over to have a nip party, but if it was, he got his colors sort of mixed up while teleporting. This cat has the nerve to sit right on the little sub-roof of my back deck. As you can see, he has been hypnotized by me and is mesmerized by my nip plant!

And of course, Slinky the Grey Cat from next door is trying to get my nip plant. She thinks she is fooling me by hiding in my fountain, but I can see her from the deck. Sometimes Slinky is not very bright.

My day job is now Nip Plant Protector and Consumer. It is a good job. When I don't fall asleep....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Bad Situation

Something is terribly wrong with my food bowl. I am very distressed that it is so empty. Could this be cat abuse?

My stinky goodness bowl is still almost empty. What should I do?

Bowl still in critical condition. Considering options. Claws may be involved.

Haha! Staring at an empty food bowl always makes the People behave! Cat treats - gooooodddd!