Friday, January 16, 2009

Please Help Us With Interloper Kitty!

Dear Kitties and People of the Catblogosphere,

My People and I need your advice. If you look at my sidebar, you will see a picture of the Grey Cat. It says she likes to eat my grass. Now I know why she eats my grass. She is very, very hungry. She is trying to come in my house and this is a one cat house - ME. Here she is in my back yard a couple of days ago.

The Grey Cat lives next door with the Pink People. I have written about them before. I am 17 years old, and came to live with my People when I was a stray kitten. Since that time, the Pink People (because they have a stairway that is pink) have had lots of animals. They have had 4 cats. The first cat they had was Onyx. Soon after they got Onyx, he jumped over the fence, sat in my Food Dude's lap and never left. Against my protests, Onyx moved in. He just wouldn't leave. The Pink People told us a few years later that they had brought him home from the shelter.

Then the Pink People got George the Cat. George started coming over to visit too. He liked my cat food and nip. George also liked the Food Lady very much. George got a little sister kitten. The little kitten started coming over to visit and eat our food and visit the Food Lady. This seemed very strange. Yes the Food Lady is a cat person but this did not seem right. Then some of the Pink People moved away and took George and the Kitten with them. A few years later, we heard that they had run away.

The Grey Cat has been with the Pink People for a few years. She sits in my yard and eats my grass. I sort of ignored her. She would rub against the Food Lady and act like she wanted to be friends, and then she would hiss at the Food Lady and raise her claws to her. She did not seem very sociable.

A few days ago, my Food Lady gave the Grey Cat some food because she seemed hungry. The Grey Cat ate the food as though she was starving. The Food Lady tried to pet her a little afterwards and the Grey Cat was still clawy. Tonight she came back for more food.

I don't want a new cat in the house. But I also don't want a kitty to starve. The kitty seems unsocialized even though she has a home. It seems odd that 4 cats the neighbors have owned have tried to move in here.

What should we do? Should my People keep feeding her? I chased her out of my yard today. Please tell us what you think.