Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where's My Cat Butler?

Here I am, waiting at the back door for my cat butler! Yes, a cat door is open and available for use, but why scrunch down and mess up my beautiful coat when there are cat butlers walking around in the house, awaiting my every command. I just stand here and stare at the people, and send telepathic messages to them wherever they are inside the house. I make them look at the back deck and see that the door needs to be opened for me.
I put this post up on my blog so that the G-lady who is coming to be cat butler for the next two weeks remembers who is boss around here. I hope she likes the same television shows that I do!
The weather here is really rotten right now. There's a thousand wildfires burning around northern California. Going outside is like inhaling a campfire. The smoke makes me cough. All the more reason for the cat butler to let me in right away!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh No! People Vacation!

There's no picture of me for this post because I have gone into hiding. My People are leaving for a vacation. They are going to the Mitten State, but first have to fly into Shytown. They promised to wave to Cheeto and Rosie for me. After the Mitten State, they are going to the state where zippy, sadie and speedy live. They promised to wave to them for me too!

The Food Lady and the Food Dude, and Ryan, are my People. I asked them to send Ryan home from college to stay with me, but he is too busy working (maybe so he can send me temptations!) so he can't stay here. Hmmm.

One time when they went away, the person who promised to stay here only came for a few days. When the Food Lady came home, she found me crying under her bed. Even if I am not fond of other people, at least one or two should stay here and fulfill all of my tortietude demands. I can ignore them the rest of the time.

They told me the G-lady is going to stay here. I actually tolerate the G-lady. She is tortie friendly. She lets me sleep on her. She gives me temptations and is a good door butler, as I often don't care to use the cat door but insist that the people door be opened for me instead. The G-lady is nice about that. So maybe I will live. But the People will pay when they return!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tummy Shot!

This is a special picture for my favorite mancat, Rocky the Gutter Cat. How do you like my "come hither" look?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tortie Tricks

Hello kitties and people. Here is a picture of me doing something extraordinary. When the Food Dude was in the hospital, I jumped up on the eating table to look for him in case he was hiding there. I never jumped up on this table before - in almost 17 years! That is why the Food Lady ran over and took my picture. I tried to get away before she could catch me, but she was too fast.

The good news is that the Food Dude is feeling much better. He went back to work this week. He is sure that all the good wishes from the cat blogosphere and my comfort cat duties were what healed him. Thanks to all of you from all of us.