Friday, September 26, 2008

Gifts from Uno the Cat!

Here are some presents that came in the mail from Uno the Cat! Uno belongs to the Food Lady's best friend, who lives back east. When the Food Lady goes to visit her friend, she says, "Here Uno, come here Uno." But Uno runs away. The Friend says Uno doesn't like to be smothered by Food Lady. Anyway, Uno and Best Friend made presents for the Food Lady and me and sent them to us! You can see kitties on all the stuff. There's a kitty apron with strings for me to chase and a towel with kitties so the Food Lady remembers that cats rule. We have a picture of Uno so you can see him soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last week, the Food Dude and Food Lady took me to the V-E-T. I yowled over and over again. I made all the people and pets stare at me. Then I yowled some more. I got poked. I yowled. Then I crawled back in the cat jail and came home. I ran outside and yowled some more.

The next day, the Food Dude packed up the people jail with wheels. He put food in it and blankets, and then he put the Food Lady in there! And he took her away. The Food Dude left his niece here. Hrrmphh. I sat on their bed and yowled at the niece. She tried to pet me but I ran under the bed. I avoided her as much as possible. I was worried about the Food Lady.

The Food Dude brought the Food Lady home four days later. I was mad at both of them, but especially the Food Dude. I went outside and stayed out late. The next day I went outside. I could hear the Food Lady calling for me, "Halloween. Halloween cat." She whistled. She shook the treat bag. She said, "Halloween, come inside. Come on Weenie!" She thought I was way up on the hill. Haha. I was hiding in the shrubs in the garden! She called for hours and hours and I was right there, laughing at her. Now she knows how I feel when she goes away!

But I am still mad at the Food Dude for taking her away. When I see him, I run downstairs and hide under the bed. Or I yowl at him. Or I run over to the Food Lady and snuggle with her. He put me in the kitty jail and he put the Food Lady in the people jail and took her away. I might have to whap him now that he is snoring in front of the t.v. That will teach him!