Friday, February 1, 2008

Cat Boxes Galore!!! And My Nicknames....

It is early February in San Francisco. This is a view of the area in front of my house. This area gets a lot of sun. That must be why the people put all these great cat circles out for me. The mulch is nice and toasty when the sun has been out. And I use the circles for anything I want! Let your imagination run wild - or even not so wild. I don't know why the Food Dude yells at me when I squat in the circles. I do wish those green things would go away. The Food Dude yells, "Get off the tulips, Weenie!!!" Which brings me to the next part of this blog entry.
I was tagged by the Zoo, for the nickname meme. I am Halloween because am black and orange. But I get called these other names too:
They call me Weenie. Totally undignified. Unacceptable. Beneath me.
They call me HalloweenCat. A more formal name, befitting my station in life. This is ok.
They call me Queen of the Cats. That is more like it!
They call me Whiny. That's when I use my annoyed voice, when the people aren't behaving and fulfilling my every wish.
They call me Barfola. I don't like this one either but it does fit sometimes. To all the cats who offered fine and kind advice about curing my barfolaness, I take tasty meds every night for this. The V-E-T has been monitoring my barfiness my whole life.
Time to go look in our neighbor's - the Pink People's - back yard and see if the pit bull is there...


Kaz's Cats said...

Neat cat circles - we don't understand why your Food Dude would yell at you for using them either. Humans are so strange sometimes. 'Weenie' does seem a bit overly cutesy for a mature kitty like yourself. We like HalloweenCat too.


Gypsy & Tasha

Hot(M)BC said...

Those are neat cat circle boxes. Silly Food Dude to yell at yoo for usin such perfecshun. Humans are weird tho. Mini n Gree are Barfolas if they eats wheats and corns. Maybe I should call them that next time they gets holda somefing they shouldn't that has that stuff in it. hehehe Queen is definitely a better name.

goldenshade said...

People yell at me all the time for using such things but it doesn't stop me. Those cat circle look great , a variety to chose from.


Parker said...

Weenie!?! No! Queen of the Cats is a lot more like it!
I think I would enjoy those cat circles too!

Mickey said...

Hi Halloween! I like those circles too. you can sleep in some ons squat in the others heehee :)
Your nicknames are not too bad,there are worse ;0
Weenie sounds whiney,so call your beans that!!
Purrs Mickey

Tybalt said...

I would find "Weenie" unacceptable, as well. I think the cat circles are perfect for you. Why do they put them out for you if they don't want you to use them?

The Cat Realm said...

Hahahaha -we think Weenie is really bad!
We are having a contest n- and you dressed up in REAL clothe for the Halloween contest - so here is your chance - because so far every entry is image edited....
Come check it out!