Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rocky The Gutter Cat Comes To Visit!

Look who showed up next door this afternoon! I was so excited I made the special meowing noise I save up for when I have captured a garden snake! Rocky stopped by to say thanks for the Lourdes water. At least it sure looked like Rocky! He came up and took a bit of my nip plant and then showed me how to play dead. Then we cuddled and he took off towards BART. Thanks for a memorable afternoon. You're my mancat dreamcat, Rocky. Sigh...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friends of Halloween, Rocky the Gutter Cat, and Other Important Information

Hello everyone. Here's a picture of one of my friends - well, she's sort of a friend. This is the Grey Cat who lives next door. She is a little furry cat, even smaller and more dainty than me! She likes to come in my back yard and eat the grass. Sometimes she comes up to the deck to visit the Food Lady. In fact, all the neighborhood cats seem to come up and visit her! I am a little worried about the Grey Cat though. You see, all the cats who move into that house come over here and try to move in. When Onyx showed up and wouldn't leave, we thought he was a stray like me. But after he lived here for a while, the next door people told my people they brought Onyx home from the pound. They brought three other cats home and they all came over and just started walking in the house and eating our food! Onyx chased them away but he's not around anymore. Hmmm... I have other cat friends who come to visit and when they let us take their pictures, I will post them.

I am worried about Rocky the Gutter Cat. He has been very sick lately. We sent him some healing water to try to help him get better. (I am glad the people sent water out of the house. I hate it!)

One of you asked me how I got my name. I am an orange and black tortie. The people thought about calling me Giant (also I am dainty - they thought that would be funny - oh yeah haha) because we live in San Francisco, the Food Dude's favorite team is the Giants, and their colors are black and orange. But the Food Lady loves Halloween, and my colors are Halloween colors. I seemed more witchy than Giant. So that is how I got my name. I do have a nickname -which I HATE. They call me "Weenie". Can you think of anything more insulting?

Send Rocky some love when you have a chance.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Puppies, The Animal Cops and the Cats

Hello everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the people moms and cat moms too!

We had quite some excitement in our neighborhood cat community this week. I have a nice back yard on a hill in San Francisco. I have a couple of big trees in my back yard. Neighbor cats like to climb it. Sometimes they like to come up on my deck and visit my food lady too. Anyway, we cats like to sit on each others' fences and check out the yards, trees, birdies, etc. About a month ago, I began hearing some dogs barking quite a bit. Every once in a while it sounded like they might be crying, so I was a bit worried. I would stand at my back door, and listen to them, and wondered if we should call the Animal Cops to visit them and make sure they were ok.

Well, suprise, surprise. The dogs came over to visit themselves on Friday! They are year old puppies but they are big and very rambunctious. They have been watching us cats and decided to try and catch some of us. The puppies got so excited that they jumped over their ginormous fence and ran around my yard!!! They chased my neighbor!! They were a bit scary, and needed to go home, so we did call the Animal Cops.

On Friday, the Animal Cops called us. The Animal Cop who called us is a famous Animal Cop from the San Francisco Animal Care and Control - who was on TV. You can see her picture here. (still getting the hang of blogging)

Her name is Sgt. Forrester. We talked to her on Saturday. She told us a sad story about the puppies, but it has a happy ending. The puppies are rescue puppies. They lived with a mean person who broke the leg of one of them. They were taken away from him and came to be our neighbors because they were rescued by their new people. Sgt. Forrester visited the rescue people and said they are animal lovers who are taking very good care of the puppies. Sgt. Forrester said I might hear them crying sometimes because they are adjusting to their new home and that will take a while. She hoped that the cats and puppies could try to get along. Meanwhile, the owners are making the puppy fence even more ginormous so the excited puppies stay in their yard. We cats will still sit on the fences and wave at them though.

My food lady told Sgt. Forrester about the cat blogs and asked her to stop by and take a picture with me for my blog. Sgt. Forrester thought that was funny - I am not sure why. But she said of course she would come and take a picture with me for my blog! Now I just have to get up the courage to let a stranger - even a famous cat loving Animal Cop - hold me because I pretty much only like the food lady, food dude, and Ryan to do that. I will try to make an exception for Sgt. Forrester though.

Meanwhile, my people have made friends with the puppies' people, and we'll probably have a picture of the happy rescue puppies to show you too.

This was a happy ending for all of us. We are especially happy to meet one of the Famous San Francisco Animal Cops though.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome to Halloween The Cat's Blog!

Hello everyone. I am Halloween The Cat. I live in Bernal Heights in San Francisco. I am 15 years old now. I was a feral kitten. My mom showed up in my peoples' backyard in August of 1992. The four year old who is one of my people - his name is Ryan and he is a big guy now - saw my mom and the four of us kittens in the back yard, so he found us. We all lived in the back yard for a while. We used to stand on the deck of the house and have contests to see which one of us could climb highest on the screen door. My brother August always won. He was the biggest. I was the runt. That is why my people took me in. August lives with some neighbors. The other cats went other places and I do not see them any more.

I had a brother named Onyx. Onyx was just sitting on the back deck one morning when I woke up. He did not realize this house already had a cat and he wanted to live here. Onyx would not leave so we let him stay here. Then Onyx wanted me to leave. He used to run over to my cat bowl and try to eat up my food before I got to it so I would think the people weren't feeding me. The people caught him doing that and they would yell, "ONYX, YOU [BAD WORD]!" Then he would just shuffle a couple of steps to the right and eat out of his bowl like nothing happened! And he wouldn't stop eating and chewing the entire time. Onyx liked to sleep on top of the fancy dinner table on the linen runner at night when he thought no one would catch him. But we knew in the morning because there would be a bunch of black cat fur on the linen!

My job was to be the good cat. Onyx's job was to be the bad cat. We were good at our jobs. People always laughed at Onyx because he was so funny and did so many bad things. Once we caught him hanging by his paws and toenails off the side of the countertops. He was hanging there trying to see if there was any food on the countertop that he might like!

Two years ago Onyx got very sick. He used to run around the back yard and keep it safe from interloping cats and racoons. When he got sick, he sat on the deck and could not move very fast. The bluebirds came and pecked him! This made me very mad, because even though Onyx was a pest to me sometimes, I still loved him. Soon after that, Onyx went to the Rainbow Bridge and my people were very sad. Especially my food dude, because he and Ryan were Onyx's special people. They missed him very much. So - don't get mad about this. I got even with the blue birds and took one of the birdies and put it by the back door a couple of days after Onyx died. They had been very mean to him while he was sick and defenseless so I had to teach them a lesson. I miss Onyx too but I like being a one cat household now.

I am most partial to my food lady.