Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MuffinMindi Gave Me An Award!

http://fatcatmuffin.blogspot.com/ Here is the place on Mindi's blog where she gave me the award. It is called the "You Make My Day Award". The Food Lady is still working with very rudimentary tech skills, so she has to learn how to make the linkie thing say Muffinmindi and direct people to her site. We got some good tips in the last comments from the blogging cats, but we wanted to get this post up before too much time passed.

The award is given to cats whose blogs bring happiness and inspiration to others, and make you happy about blogland. Thank you so much, Muffinmindi! I was feeling sad and alone last week. You and the other cats have made me feel much better and have given good tips to the tech dunce who runs this thing for me!

I have to give the award to up to ten other cats. I give this award to Caesar and Prinnie's Happy Place, http://thecornishkitties.blogspot.com/. It is a very hard time for them because Caesar has gone to the Bridge. But Caesar and Prinnie's blog shows the best of the catblogosphere right now. There are lots of very kind and compassionate cats and people on the blogosphere.

I also give the award to Maddie, whose blog is called "I Crap in a Box" - http://caterwauling.com/cat/. Maddie's blog is one of the funniest cat blogs on the net. If you haven't read it, stop by and have a read. Maddie has lots of good ideas for activities for indoor cats!

If you've read my post about the Pink People who live next door, I have an update. Some new people came to live there for a while. They have a pit bull now. That is what has made me worried about going outside. The last time they had pit bulls they attacked the neighbor's gardener, and the dogs had to be put to sleep. I think I will be staying inside until the dog leaves.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to offer encouragement and give tips. We'll be by to say hi to you all some more too.


Kavan said...

Pit Bulls??? Goodness, you be careful!

My name is Irish, it means "the handsome one". Fitting, isn't it?


goldenshade said...

Hi there Halloween! I saw some comments you made on some other blogs and came by to see you. Congrats on your award, very nice!

Be careful with that pit bull. I don't know too much about those dog things, foxes...yes, dogs...no.


Mickey said...

Hi Halloween! I saw your comment at Goldenshade and thought I would drop by to say HI!!
I'm Mickey and I am 14 years old. It's always good to meet other ,mature cat bloggers ;)
Congrats on your awards!!You chose some cool cats to give it to as well. I like Maddie but her bean is not helping her blog so much.
I think staying inside is a good thing. Wildlife is faster than we are:0
Purrs Mickey

Kaz's Cats said...

G'day Halloween, we've discovered that it pays to be very careful around strange woofies - there's a very noisy one over the back fence, and we don't go into his yard since he moved there. Whatever you do, stay safe.


Gypsy & Tasha

Riley & Tiki said...

It is good to be careful of strange dogs.

Mommy has a co-worker who used to live on Dennison Ave., so we know right where that is.

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Oh, we hopes you stay in and safe from the scary woofy next door!!