Friday, March 21, 2008

Springtime Saturday

Hi kitties and kitty people. And buns! It is almost Easter.
The Food Lady apologizes for neglecting the blog and my visits to all of your blogs. We have had non stop guests at our house since the end of February. This cuts into my cat adoration time, and I do not like it. Plus the guests sit on my chair in front of the window. Yeah, I can still sit on the pillow on my special spot, but I do not like to share with anyone else. They try to win me over by playing feather toy with me, but they are miserable failures at it. Pfft. Guests = bad. Plus, they do not bring cat treats. They only bring people treats!!! Stupid guests.
Tomorrow the Food Lady's cousin is coming from Virginia with his wife and three children. I hope they are bringing cat treats!!!!!
Here are some pictures of me on my deck and in my garden. And some of my flowers. It is pretty in the back yard now. I guess I will hide out here if it is warm and the guests are intolerable - and forget cat treats.
Happy Easter!


Kimo & Sabi said...

Them is lovely flowers! Happy Spring!

goldenshade said...

I really loved seeing all those flowers! Thanks for the great view!

Mickey said...

Hey,Halloween, that is one cool deck!!! Mom is jealous aver your flowers. Ours are still under the ground!! Hahahaha! Mom did say the daffodills are up about 2 inches. WOW! Hahaha
I am pretty zoned out since I got your catnip! That is great stuff! I'm a happy cat for sure.Woohoo!
Thanks for showing us a taste of Spring :)
Purrs Mickey

Quasi said...

The garden is very nice. Good luck with the bean guests, especially the 3 little beans. You may need it.

Derby said...

::sigh:: green plants, flowers ::sigh:: All is see is white stuff.

Happy Easter.

Gandalf & Grayson said...

Halloween, you have a very beautiful garden! We could easily while away the hours in the garden while the no-treat guests are sitting in your chair. We hope you have a Happy Easter, even though your name is Halloween.

Parker said...

Hoppy Bunday Halloween! I think all of your flowers are very lovely!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Spring! The snow melted here, but there are no flowers yet. sigh.
I'll just keep visiting your blog for pretty photos!
Sorry your guests don't bring kitty treats. I think you should train them while they are there. Careful of the sticky little people!

Tiger Lily said...

Happy Easter!