Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nine Things About The Pink People Next Door

I call the people who live next door the Pink People because they have a pink stairway from their back door down to the back yard. You can see it in the pictures of the grey cat on the side bar of the blog and also in the picture showing Rocky on his way back to BART after he came to visit me. This list is a Public Service Announcement in case you are thinking of moving to our neighborhood and might end up as the other neighbor to the Pink People.

1. If you think the pink stairs are colorful, you should see the paint job on the rest of their house. And I am talking about the outside, not the inside! The front is blue, yellow, red, and brown. It is not a Victorian, but no self respecting Victorian house in San Francisco would have those colors anyway. Actually, no self respecting house would have those colors!

2. Since I was a kitten and came to live at my house, the Pink People have had 4 cats, two pit bulls, and 2 geese. This is the City. Animal Control told them that they had to get rid of the geese. The geese were very LOUD, and they liked to talk. The two pit bulls were there for only a few days and then they bit the neighbor's gardener. Animal control took the pit bulls away. About a year after I came here to live, Onyx showed up in the back yard and jumped in my Food Dude's lap one night. He was on our deck the next morning and refused to leave. He became my brother. Turns out that the Pink People had brought Onyx home from the pound and he just decided he wanted to live with us. They got two more cats (George and a whiny kitten) who also tried to move in here. The daughter of the Pink Lady took George and the whiny kitten to live in another place. Now the Grey Cat lives next door. She comes and visits the back yard, eats my grass, and sits in some of the big herb pots back there.

3. The Pink People had a new roof put on their house. Their roofing people climbed onto their roof and dumped all the garbage from their roof in our front yard. They never told my people this was going to happen. And when my people complained to them about it, and said that they were worried about workers falling in our yard, well, the next day one of the roofers fell off their roof into our yard. That was very upsetting.

4. The Pink People do not care about anyone else on the block. They park their cars wherever they want and do not consider leaving space for other people to park.

5. The Pink People decided to burn dry grass and other lawn garbage in their back yard in the summer. They lit the fire at the edge of their yard under one of my big trees. My Food Lady freaked out and told them to put it out because this is how a fire like the one that burned the East Bay got started. They ignored her. The Fire Department came and told them that it was illegal and STUPID to light a fire in the back yard.

6. The Pink People remodeled the inside of their house without permits. They worked on the house at 7:00 am and until 10:00 pm., and pounded on our shared walls.

7. The Pink People put their garbage in a side area that belonged to another neighbor for years. The neighbor had to wall off that area because the Pink People wouldn't stop.

8. The Pink People called the police once. Never mind.

9. The Pink People are not very nice or neighborly to all the neighbors.

So there you have it. What do you think about all of this?


Daisy said...

I think the Pink People are very BAD and MEAN! And I do not like them. This is very surprising, because almost everything that is pink is usually good.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I can't believe they keep getting animals that have to suffer with their miserable selves. Why can't they just be miserable and not make poor animals suffer. Pit bulls aren't born mean either, owners make them that way or don't train them right.

I think the Pink People need a full, dirty litterbox dumped on their pillows. I'll go take my laxitone and get started!

muffinmidi said...

I think the Pink People are the kind of neighbor everyone dreads.No wonder their poor animals keep trying to escape.

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Oh my goodness, the pink people need someone to teach them some common sense. I wonder how they got to the age they are without learning some.

Parker said...

I'd like to poop on their pillows. That's what I would like to do!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

The problem with folks like your Pink People is they always insist the problems are all someone else's fault. They're 'artists' and 'environmentalists', and if you don't like them dumping their trash on your yard, driveway, or porch for you to pick up, YOU are evil.

Good luck, and turn them in whenever they do something stupid and illegal. There is little they can do to harass you back that they aren't already doing. :-)

THE ZOO said...

surry bowt yur neighbors. we was wurried when the house next door went for sell but hes better then the last neighbor. he has 2 pit bulls that is his babies. owr offur neighbor we dont likey at all because she does no upkeep on the house (she cut a tree down in the front yard and left it laying for a year before we called the city for causing mice and then she was all mad at us) but shes nefer home so thats good.
the pink house peeps aint good peeps and theyll never learn either.
we lufs our pit bull furriends heidi and joey. theys happy dawgs.

Tiger Lily said...

Those Pink People sound AWFUL! I'm sorry you have such bad neighbors. Mom said it can make life hard when you have to think about their possible retaliation whenever you have to report something illegal they're doing.

You were very smart to choose the yard you did when you were a tiny kitten.

Oneida said...

Thanks for writing this.