Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome to Halloween The Cat's Blog!

Hello everyone. I am Halloween The Cat. I live in Bernal Heights in San Francisco. I am 15 years old now. I was a feral kitten. My mom showed up in my peoples' backyard in August of 1992. The four year old who is one of my people - his name is Ryan and he is a big guy now - saw my mom and the four of us kittens in the back yard, so he found us. We all lived in the back yard for a while. We used to stand on the deck of the house and have contests to see which one of us could climb highest on the screen door. My brother August always won. He was the biggest. I was the runt. That is why my people took me in. August lives with some neighbors. The other cats went other places and I do not see them any more.

I had a brother named Onyx. Onyx was just sitting on the back deck one morning when I woke up. He did not realize this house already had a cat and he wanted to live here. Onyx would not leave so we let him stay here. Then Onyx wanted me to leave. He used to run over to my cat bowl and try to eat up my food before I got to it so I would think the people weren't feeding me. The people caught him doing that and they would yell, "ONYX, YOU [BAD WORD]!" Then he would just shuffle a couple of steps to the right and eat out of his bowl like nothing happened! And he wouldn't stop eating and chewing the entire time. Onyx liked to sleep on top of the fancy dinner table on the linen runner at night when he thought no one would catch him. But we knew in the morning because there would be a bunch of black cat fur on the linen!

My job was to be the good cat. Onyx's job was to be the bad cat. We were good at our jobs. People always laughed at Onyx because he was so funny and did so many bad things. Once we caught him hanging by his paws and toenails off the side of the countertops. He was hanging there trying to see if there was any food on the countertop that he might like!

Two years ago Onyx got very sick. He used to run around the back yard and keep it safe from interloping cats and racoons. When he got sick, he sat on the deck and could not move very fast. The bluebirds came and pecked him! This made me very mad, because even though Onyx was a pest to me sometimes, I still loved him. Soon after that, Onyx went to the Rainbow Bridge and my people were very sad. Especially my food dude, because he and Ryan were Onyx's special people. They missed him very much. So - don't get mad about this. I got even with the blue birds and took one of the birdies and put it by the back door a couple of days after Onyx died. They had been very mean to him while he was sick and defenseless so I had to teach them a lesson. I miss Onyx too but I like being a one cat household now.

I am most partial to my food lady.


Skeezix said...

YAY, Halloween! I'm the vary ferst one to comment on yer blog!!!!!!

Good luck, and don't fergit to drop by the Cat Blog Help Center for all yer blogging needs.


Marie the Defender said...

Wow, Hallowe'en you are a wonderful kitty, to show such sweetness to Onyx even tho he wasn't very nice to you!!

Welcome to the blogosphere...I'm pretty new here myself, having just started maybe two weeks ago.

I hope you can come visit my blog sometime. But in the meantime I would like to link you so that I can come back and visit you again!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Holloween ::waves paws:: welcome to da blogosphere! Um, yoor one of da spicy vixens on da Catster Friends of Skeezix rite. Sadie sez dat if yoor not yoo shood be. It wuz good of yoo to get dat birdy dat hurted yoor brofur when he wuz sick.

NinjaCat said...

Hello Halloween!! I don't have a blog, but I lurk around and comment!! I will come back and visit you.


Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Skeezix sent us over to meet you. Welcome to the wonderful world of cat blogging.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Hello Halloween - nice to meet ya! We is Bay Area cats too! We lives in Petaluma - we will add you to our bloggie roll - come visit sometime!

LHK said...

Hi! Halloween!!
That's kinda a frighting name, and you look like such a sweet kitty. Hey, I live in SF too! I don't go out side though, I'm an apartment kitty.

I'm sorry to read the story about your brother. I think its OK that you got one of the birds, they shouldn't have been so mean.

Daisy said...

Hi Halloween! I am very happy to meet you. What an exciting, scary, and sad story about your brother Onyx. I think you were very right to teach the very mean blue birds a lesson. I am sorry Onyx had to go to the Bridge. But now that you joined the cat blogosphere, you can have many many many new friends! I added you to my linkies so I can come back and visit you all the time.

Derby said...

Hi, just came over from Skeezix's blog. Welcome to the Cat Blogoshpere. Stop by and visit.

Suzanne said...

another skeezix referral! (hehe)

so glad you're here! i think you did the right thing with the mean bird.

i'll come back and visit again. please stop by and visit me, too.

btw, i have a blog for older kitties, and you might want to join. it's called 'Sweet Sixteens'. the address is

i hope to see you soon!


The Meezers said...

Hi Halloween!!! It's furry nice to meet you. please stop by and see us when you get a chance

Parker said...

Nice to meetcha'! Skeezix sent me over. I think you did the right thing with one of those mean blue birds - no one should pick on a kitty, 'specially a sick one! Welcome to the blogosphere world!

Suzanne said...

halloween, you can definitely join sweet sixteens!

send an email with your picture attached to


send some 'gotcha day' info if you want. we can also use some of your introductory post.

looking forward to seeing you soon!


Tiger Lily said...

Hi Halloween! Welcome to the cat blogosphere. I had my Mom put you in my friends list and I hope you'll come visit my blog sometime.

I'm sorry your brother had to leave you and I think you did the right thing to that bird. I can see that it might be nice to be an only cat tho.

Chen & Ollie said...

Hi Halloween! It is great to meet you. You are very sweet to love Onyx so much even though he has some issues. We're sorry he went to the bridge. We are excited to learn more about you though.
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Blosophere, Halloween! You're a lovely kitty. I'm sorry to hear about your brother Onyx, and your parents sound like wonderful kitty people.

Chairman Mao said...

Hi there, Halloween! You gotta really cool name, and you're a real purr-etty floofy girlkitty. It's great to meet you, and I bet you're gonna have a lotta fun on the kitty blosophere!

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Welcome Halloween! We're pretty new to the blogging thing too but we really like and we've met some really nice kitties (and beans too!) and we know that you will too. So Mommy's really curious about how you got your name. Will you post and tell us about it?

The Meezer Gang said...

Hi, Halloween! Welcome to blogging! You're gonna love it here!

Millie said...

Hi Halloween! Nice to meet you. Welcome to the blogosphere. There are a squillion nice cats and beans here. You will make lots of friends!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Hi Halloween, it is furry nice to meet you!
Thanks for telling us about your family. I think it was fair to teach the mean birds a lesson!!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Halloween! Welcome to bloggin! I like how you got back at the birds. I's bof naughty an good; I do naughty fings but I's furry furiendly. Bonnie, my older sisfur, doesn't do naughty fings so much anymore, but she growls an hisses an swats our beans an always acts like I's killin her when I pounce an chase her. She liked bein an only cat. Oh, an our boy bean is named Ryan, too! He's 12 so he wasn't here yet in '92. Purrs!

muffinmidi said...

Hi Halloween,
Welcome to the cat blogsphere. My name is Muffin and I have a blog too. I was happy to learn about you. I'm glad you took care of the mean bird that picked on Onyx.
I was abandoned by my oroginal family. Ifound really nice people,though. They even took me with them when they moved from Connecticut to Florida.
The couch is very pretty and you look very elegant on it.

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