Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friends of Halloween, Rocky the Gutter Cat, and Other Important Information

Hello everyone. Here's a picture of one of my friends - well, she's sort of a friend. This is the Grey Cat who lives next door. She is a little furry cat, even smaller and more dainty than me! She likes to come in my back yard and eat the grass. Sometimes she comes up to the deck to visit the Food Lady. In fact, all the neighborhood cats seem to come up and visit her! I am a little worried about the Grey Cat though. You see, all the cats who move into that house come over here and try to move in. When Onyx showed up and wouldn't leave, we thought he was a stray like me. But after he lived here for a while, the next door people told my people they brought Onyx home from the pound. They brought three other cats home and they all came over and just started walking in the house and eating our food! Onyx chased them away but he's not around anymore. Hmmm... I have other cat friends who come to visit and when they let us take their pictures, I will post them.

I am worried about Rocky the Gutter Cat. He has been very sick lately. We sent him some healing water to try to help him get better. (I am glad the people sent water out of the house. I hate it!)

One of you asked me how I got my name. I am an orange and black tortie. The people thought about calling me Giant (also I am dainty - they thought that would be funny - oh yeah haha) because we live in San Francisco, the Food Dude's favorite team is the Giants, and their colors are black and orange. But the Food Lady loves Halloween, and my colors are Halloween colors. I seemed more witchy than Giant. So that is how I got my name. I do have a nickname -which I HATE. They call me "Weenie". Can you think of anything more insulting?

Send Rocky some love when you have a chance.


Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

We stopped by to send Rocky love and purrs from us. Thanks for supporting him.

Parker said...

Weenie!?! I thought I had some bad nicknames!

Daisy said...

I am very worried about Rocky, too! You are nice to help him out. I think your nickname is kind of cute.

Suzanne said...

i agree whole-heartedly, miss halloween, 'weenie' is an awful name. how about 'hallie'? that seems sweet and pretty.

i'll definitely send some love and purrs to rocky.

love and purrs to you, too!


Skeezix said...

WOW! I reely love the color of the dek!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Weenie? Yup, beans are weird with their nicknames. I've got some that make me hide too. Mine mommy looooooves Halloween! She decorates the inside and out with spooky stuff. She even got me a Halloween village (just for me of course) that I rule as Panther King. You can see it in our October 2006 posts if you want.
I like your name. It suits your colors and expression. Halloween is a fun holiday...and like us kitties, a little tricky.

Chen & Ollie said...

Halloween, it's nice to see your new kitty friend next door. We will stop by Rocky's and send our support.
Mr. Chen & Ollie