Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mr. Squirrel, My Best Friend

Here is a picture of Mr. Grey Squirrel. There is a Mr. Grey Squirrel living in my back yard. He is very fast, so it is hard to get a picture of him. But he looks just like this!

This is my palm tree. The palm has a bit of a dematological problem right now, so the tree doctor visits him. Mr. Squirrel likes to run around in the palm fronds. When there are little dates growing on the tree, sometimes he throws them at my people when they are sitting on the back deck. I find this very funny!

Here is my big incense cedar tree. Mr. Squirrel likes to run around in the cedar tree too. There's a fence next to the cedar tree. I like to sit on the fence because I can see into the other cats' yards, and also look for mice and birds.

Here is a closer picture of the fence. The other day I saw Mr. Squirrel do something amazing. Apparently, he likes to sit on the fence too. And he has decided to join in the fight to protect the back yard from encroachment by Slinky the Grey Cat from next door. Slinky was on the big fence, and Mr. Squirrel was on the smaller fence. Slinky started to step down to walk on the lower fence. Mr. Squirrel ran after Slinky and made her go back in her yard! Right on, Mr. Squirrel. I have never seen a squirrel chase a cat before. I was very impressed! Now you know why Mr. Squirrel is my new best friend. He never bothers me. We have a peaceful co-existence.

Here I am checking out my newly de-Slinkified back yard! Keep up the good work, Mr. Squirrel!


Sweet Praline said...

I wonder what Gandalf and Grayson would say about your new best friend. You know they have problems with the evil squirrels.

us4 said...

you look magnificent darling!

PinkynAsh said...

It would be so funny to see an intruder cat chased by your Squirrel friend.

The Island Cats said...

Halloween, the squirrels around here just taunt us and chatter at us from up on high in the trees...they aren't our friends at all...your squirrel sounds much more civilized than ours....

Beezer said...

Its good that you have back up in Mr Squirrel. I think it's funny that he throws dates at the beans! I mean HA-ha!!

I doesn't have squirrels, but I used to like to chatter at the pigeons. That is before they put in the bird net and they don't come around any more.

Elin~ said...

I have Mr. Squirrel too, but I always chase him! LOL!


Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hey Halloween, that is a cool squirrel that you have!! We have little red ones :) I would laugh too if a squirrel threw nuts on Mom !!! hahaha
I bet it was pawsome to see him chase Mr Slinky too :O Mom says squirrels can be aggressive. They sit outside and demand food :) That reminds me...Mom,you need to get more food for the outdoor gang!!!!!
Happy Easter !!!
Purrs Mickey

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

We like to watch two big fat squirrels in our yard from indoors. Glad you have a squirel friend. Thanks for stopping by and joining in our catnip party!

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

yes ... keep up da good werk.
introoderz ar not welcome!!!!
pee-ess ... who'z old? jus wunderin.

muffinmidi said...

Good for Mr. Squirrel At least now you have an ally in the war against Slinky.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

wow! we nefur heard of an alliance wif a quirssel before!! more power to yas both!!

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