Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh No! People Vacation!

There's no picture of me for this post because I have gone into hiding. My People are leaving for a vacation. They are going to the Mitten State, but first have to fly into Shytown. They promised to wave to Cheeto and Rosie for me. After the Mitten State, they are going to the state where zippy, sadie and speedy live. They promised to wave to them for me too!

The Food Lady and the Food Dude, and Ryan, are my People. I asked them to send Ryan home from college to stay with me, but he is too busy working (maybe so he can send me temptations!) so he can't stay here. Hmmm.

One time when they went away, the person who promised to stay here only came for a few days. When the Food Lady came home, she found me crying under her bed. Even if I am not fond of other people, at least one or two should stay here and fulfill all of my tortietude demands. I can ignore them the rest of the time.

They told me the G-lady is going to stay here. I actually tolerate the G-lady. She is tortie friendly. She lets me sleep on her. She gives me temptations and is a good door butler, as I often don't care to use the cat door but insist that the people door be opened for me instead. The G-lady is nice about that. So maybe I will live. But the People will pay when they return!


Mickey said...

Hi Halloween!!! You are being abandoned ?????? Oh no! I am glad you will have a responsible butler too!! I cannot imagine anybean not coming to see you and feed you :o That was horrible ! How long will your folks be gone? You will have that time to plot revenge! Let me know if you need help,K?

Purrs Mickey

priyanka said...
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goldenshade said...

Oh Halloween, sorry your family is going away. Teleport over here and we'll go on a mouse chase!

Purrs, Goldie

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

GASP! How dare they leave you?? Well, I hope the G-Lady takes good care of you, as it sounds that she will. Let us know how yer gonna make your beans pay! Meowhaha.

Beezer said...

That is really a bummer!
I'll be thinkin' lots about you ... hey, it ya wants to hop on a MUNI you can come and visit me.

The smoke has made my sunbeams go away. Grrrr. Then today they came back all orange and just not right.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, no! We hope you get better service this time. You deserve to be waited on hand and paw to help ease the separation anxiety.

And when the humans are gone, just give a holler and all cats and woofies will drop by to trash the house to get even with those that abandoned you.

purrs and tail wags

Derby said...

Your beans will be in Whiskerconin? Not only Zippy, Sadie and Speedy, me, The Crew, Victor. Lots of us kitties here.