Friday, September 7, 2007

Hello Kitties, Cats and Everyone Else!

Once again my blog has been ignored by my people. Apologies to all. Here is a picture of what I have been doing in the meantime.

My birthday was in August. Now I am 15 years old. I do not act my age though. I have been busy batting around the feather and as many pen tops as I can find. Since the windows are open during the hot time, I like to fight with the strings attached to the window openers too. They fly around in the wind. They are a good game for a kitty.

The food lady has been taking care of my sister August for a few weeks. We were born together. August is called Lila by her people, who live a few doors up the street. When they go away, the food lady takes care of her. She tried to bring Lila down here to stay once, but I hissed so they took her back to her house. August/Lila was the favorite kitty of everyone when we showed up as strays. She can stay at her house with people who love her.

The raccoons have returned. There were 5 baby ones on the deck the other night. The food dude does not like them and yells at them. I think they want to come in and eat my food. No way!

I am going back to sleep. Hope you are all doing well.


Tiger Lily said...

Happy late birthday wishes, Halloween. I'm glad you're back!

I have never seen any raccoons, but there was a vishus skunk in my backyard recently.

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Hi Halloween,
Happy belated birthday. You don't look a day over 2 years. I love your name too. What a beautiful kitty 15-year-old kitty you are. Why not join the fun at Weekend Cat Blogging with Upsie at
If you send your link, you will get lots of comments.
Take care.
Bonnie in Virginia

Parker said...

Hi beautiful girl! Happy late birthday! It was so nice to hear from you!

THE ZOO said...

happy belated birthday halloween. you dont luk 15 at all.
be careful with the racoons. but if you is having the drought we had then theys just trying to survive. we had some drown here in our state in water bowls. we took care of the wildlife during the drought and heatwave because they was pitiful.
but cats an raccons dont always get along so stay away from them.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy belated birthday. You certainly look very young for 15. Obviously you have spunk and energy, very important!
We'll have to celybrate your birthday sometime. It is nice your beans take care of august/lily. i'm sure she appreciates the company.
We have tons of raccoons in our area. They tend to come to our yard because mommy feeds the birdies. In Ohio, most racoons have either rabies or distemper so be careful (I don't know how yours are). Mommy had to call the police because there was a very sick one out in the daytime. They, um, well, shot it. At least that was a faster death than rabies. It makes mommy sad. She lets them eat the seed around the feeders & puts water in little pans out (because they kept toppling her birdbath in the drought), but baffles the poles and won't let them on the deck. Be careful, they can be very very mean.
Happy Happy Happy belated birthday to you!